3rd December 2017

The first client

In January 2012, the postman threw a big package on the floor of In Press’s reception. We were just back from the New Year holiday and it was rare for big packages to be delivered. It contained marketing literature from Yokagawa and a covering letter asking us to pitch for their PR account.

We went in and got the PR account and worked with them for three years.

Up to that time, we got prospects mainly from UK exhibitions. Someone would attend with lots of business cards, talk to editors of print journals, speak to as many companies as would speak to us, collect the exhibition literature with all the attendees names in, go back home, transcribe them into a prospect database and our business development manager would start calling the relevant people hoping that she called at just the right time when a company was thinking of doing something about their marketing that year.

But Yokagawa did not attend UK exhibitions at that time. They came to our attention because our lead generation tool had flagged it up as similar to other process control clients In Press had worked with. The tool scored them as a prospect. Our business development had contacted Yokagawa the previous year and when the time was right, they contacted us.

At the time everyone in our PR department said that they would probably never have come across Yokagawa using the existing business development methods.