3rd December 2017

Sales Lead Generation Is Hard

Do you think that with your sales pipeline, that there are quality leads that you are missing, perhaps because of the data sources you use?

38% of UK marketing agencies said their number one challenge was winning new business (Source: The WOW Company’s Agency Benchmarking Report 2018).

Bob Apollo of Inflexion Point says that two of the critical sales activities in managing complex B2B sales opportunities is effective prospecting and the first conversation with that prospect.

Effective prospecting is getting relevant leads who will want to talk to you because you have the evidence of your product doing well for similar companies.

Let’s say you are looking for commercial video producer companies but don’t want wedding video producers.

You could get a list of keywords pertaining to video producers and search Google for “video producers -wedding”. This is time consuming and resource intensive. And you would still get some wedding video producers to trawl through and delete.

You could also search Google for “companies like X” or “companies similar to X”. The trouble is Google does not understand “like” and “similar” the way humans do, so you get a results page filled with references to X.

Try it here: “companies like Scorch London” or “companies similar to Scorch London“.

We had a similar problem a few years ago and began to think of and implement alternative solutions.

Let’s say you have worked with Scorch London, Butchers Hook and Brook Lapping before and would like to find similar companies to approach.

We developed a machine learning algorithm that uses the publicly available content of these websites to find other sites that resemble them closely in theme and content. Our system uses a feedback mechanism to perform better. The True Positives and False Positives are scored by a human and the algorithm uses these scores to produce a higher proportion of True to False positives in later runs.

This makes telemarketing more efficient because there is less wasted marketing activity.

There is a quicker turnaround time to conversion and you spend less money acquiring new clients.

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