January 23, 2019


How is LLian different from Companies House searches?

LLian can deliver international results unlike Companies House. Companies House is a pre-internet database; LLian used a curated database of B2B English speaking companies.

How is LLian different from Experian?

Experian searches are based on pre-judged categories. LLian has no preordained categories and so finds you new target markets you have not thought of.

How easy will it be to score the initial results?

We help you score the results interactively on a 30 minute video call.

We use X for our CRM. Do you have an API to connect to it?

No we don’t have an API. We chose to get the input into the machine learning system as simply as possible to concentrate on getting the best output. We use CSV files as input currently.

How will I get my results?

Batch size and timing is flexible to suit your particular needs. You can have large batches once a month, or trickle through the results as they become available. There will be a balance so that the feedback can be used to learn. Results take time to come through.

I have 50,000 prospects in my database. Can Lian help me find the best to start with?

It certainly can. LLian can filter the 50000 to the number you can handle efficiently, whether it is the best 50 or the best 5000. LLian can help categorise existing databases to fine tune them to your specific needs and save you time getting to your most relevant prospects.