Imagine if you could identify your "missing" leads

How It works

You give us a list of companies you have worked with

Separated by target market. For example, if you are looking for commercial video producers don’t put in wedding video producers.

We classify your list against up to date databases

Using our proprietary software service (Lian) we extract a list of new companies that closely resemble those on the the list you gave us.

We send you the list for you to score

We send you scoring guidelines. You score the quality of the leads and feedback the results to us.

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Our algorithm learns from your feedback

We put your feedback into our algorithm and it learns to give you better results the second time. The more you feed back to us, the better your leads are. We work together.

How we are different

You get targeted relevant leads that makes your telemarketing more efficient.
You identify and engage customers who are most likely to buy from you

LLian removes a level of human bias that results in false perception of opportunities in sales teams. Teams quite often judge the potential of existing opportunities on how similar opportunities, positive and negative, have worked out in the past. If the training data is good, algorithms are often more accurate than humans.

LLian uses data sources that are not derived from Companies House or Experian and have been curated to emphasise B2B companies. Companies House is a pre-internet database; Lian uses a curated database of B2B English speaking companies.

Companies will not uncover new insights if they use the same data sources as everyone else. The results from a machine learning system depends completely on the quality of its input data. Data sources that depend on measuring physical or financial assets only are not sufficient today to produce insightful results.

Our Team

Me and some very enthusiastic advisors and freelancers
Chris Bose
Chris Bose